My Very First Vision Board & Why You Should Make One Too

My Very First Vision Board & Why You Should Make One Too

I first learned about a vision board a few years ago when I was scrolling through social media. I saw a picture of poster board with a collage of inspiring images and quotes followed by an even more inspiring caption. I remember thinking to myself, “Wow! I want to make one of those!” I kept the thought in the back of my head but never got around to it.

Last year, around this same time, I saw another picture of someone else’s vision board. Their picture inspired me so much, I went out that day to buy the supplies and was determined to create mine. When I got home I got distracted and once again – never got around to it. The thought crossed my mind throughout the year, but I found every excuse in the book as to why I couldn’t make one.

“I don’t have time.”

“I’m too tired.”

“It’s too late in the year… vision boards are a ‘new year, new me’ thing.”

Blah. Blah. Blah.

A couple weeks ago, as I was thinking about all the goals and plans I have for 2018, I remembered my vision board (ya know, the blank poster board I had thrown in the back of my closet). I called my mom and told her that I wanted to make one and what better time to do it than at our family’s annual New Year Brunch. She thought it was a great idea, so we pitched it to everyone else and they shared our excitement!

So January 1st, 2018, our family vision board tradition was born!

Family Vision Board Party

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For those of you who are like I was a couple years ago and have no idea what a vision board is here are a few FAQs to help you understand why vision boards are so amazing! (If you already know what a vision board is and want to see mine scroll down to the next section!)

What is a vision board?

A vision board is a collection of images, words, or quotes that represent what you want out of life in terms of goals, desires, wants and/or needs. It is usually displayed on a poster board and placed in a location where it can be seen often. I placed my vision board on my closet door so that I can see it every day before I get dressed.

How can making a vision board help me?

Making a vision board will help keep your goals at the top of your mind! It’s also a fantastic way to reflect and visualize what you want your ideal life to be like. Once you see it, you will believe it and then you can achieve it!

What supplies do I need to create a vision board?

Vision Board Supplies

  1. Any type of board (I used a presentation poster board for mine because I wanted something more sturdy)
  2. Scissors
  3. Markers (I used these Crayola Super Tips! They came in a pack of 20 and the tips are perfect for thin or thick lines!)
  4. Glue or tape
  5. Cutouts from magazines, photographs or the internet of things that inspire you. You can even use stickers, embellishments or real-life objects. You can get super creative on this one!
  6. TIME!
When should I create a vision board?

RIGHT NOW!! Seriously, don’t put this off like I did. It’s not just a “new year, new me” thing. You can create a vision board anytime.


I am so proud to share my vision board with you guys! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably already seen it but in this post, I’m going to share in more detail the parts that are most important to me.

I broke mine up into sections based on the areas I want to focus on this year but you do not have to do it this way. There are NO rules for creating your vision board. It’s YOUR vision and can look however you want it to. Here are the meanings behind some of my favorite cutouts:

  1. Memorable. Making memories with my family is so important to me. This year, I’m going to put my phone down more and really soak in every single moment I have with them.
  2.  Picture of the office space. I reaaallly need an office space. Right now I don’t have a designated space in my house (I work from home) where I can focus and be productive. This year I’m going to design an office area just for me!
  3. Blog. I have SO many blogging goals for 2018! This will be the year my blogging career really takes off!
  4. Credit. Saves. Budget.  I’m going to buckle down on my finances this year. I want to improve my credit, save more money and learn to budget better. I know that I will have some big expenses coming up in the next few years (a car and house) and I want to be fully prepared.
  5. Pray, Faith, God. You can never have enough of these three things. I am going to be intentional at praying more, strengthening my faith and continuing to build my relationship with God.
  6. Aquafina Water Bottle. Right now I literally live off of wine, coffee, and Dr. Pepper. It’s a serious problem. I making it a goal to drink more water. My plan is to have 1 bottle of water before I drink anything else (baby steps lol).
  7. Read. I have an obsession with buying books and never finishing them (or worse – never even cracking them open). I am going to read all the books I’ve purchased but never got around to finishing before I buy any new ones!
  8. I Am Worth The Money.  One thing I struggle with is undervaluing myself and my work. Many times I don’t charge enough due to the fear of people being turned away by my prices. There have been so many times I’ve worked my ass off doing something and charged less than minimum wage! This year I am going to let go of that fear.

Creating my vision board has given me a new sense of excitement for this upcoming year!  It’s such a fun activity for the whole family to enjoy. There’s nothing like setting goals and creating a vision for your life surrounded by people who you love.

Have you created a vision board? What are some things you put on yours? I’d love to hear about them in the comments. And if you haven’t created your vision board – what’s stopping you?

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