10 Essential Must-Haves for Your Newborn Baby

10 Essential Must-Haves for Your Newborn Baby

Bringing your tiny human home from the hospital is like stepping onto the craziest rollercoaster of excitement and nerves. I can still feel the mix of “Yay, I’m a mom!” and “Oh my gosh, do I have everything I need?” from my first-time mom days.

Fast forward 8 years (since my youngest was born), as my fiancé and I consider expanding our family, it’s like stepping into a whole new world of baby gear. Everything has changed, and it’s giving me serious first-time mom vibes. The market is flooded with new products making the process of figuring out what you truly need a bit overwhelming. So, armed with insights from fellow mamas who’ve recently braved the newborn stage, I’ve whipped up a handy list of newborn essentialsl! Whether you’re stepping into parenthood for the first time or gearing up for round two (or three!) after some time off – this post is for you!

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1. A Bassinet or Crib

Let’s talk cribs versus bassinets. Cribs are sturdy and last through the toddler years, while bassinets are perfect for those early sleepless nights when you want your baby close. It’s all about what works best for you and your little one, just make sure whatever you choose is safe!

Recommended Crib: Graco Benton 5-in-1 Convertible Crib

Recommended Bassinet: 3 in 1 Baby Bassinet

2. Diapers

Ah, the diaper dilemma. Disposable diapers are super convenient and absorbent, but they can cost a pretty penny. Cloth diapers are eco-friendly and budget-friendly, but they mean more laundry. It’s all about finding what fits your lifestyle best.

Recommended Cloth Diapers: Gerber Unisex Prefold Cloth Diapers 

Recommended Disposable Diapers: Pampers Swaddlers

3. Bottles and/or Breast Pumps 

Bottles come in all shapes and sizes. Some babies are picky eaters even with bottles, so finding the right one is like cracking a code. Then there’s breast pumps, a game-changer for breastfeeding moms. From basic manual pumps to sophisticated electric models— there’s options for pretty much every lifestyle. Bottles are a must for formula feeding, and pumps are a necessity for storing milk and keeping your milk supply up! (P.S. – I wrote a blog post sharing  the struggles I had with breastfeeding – you can check it out here)

Recommended: Dr. Brown’s Anti-Colic Baby Bottles

Recommended: Spectra – S2 Plus Electric Breast

4. Practical Clothes 

The urge to splurge on adorable baby clothes is real, but let’s keep it real —onesies are your besties. Trust me, when it’s 3 a.m., and you’re in the diaper-changing zone, simplicity is critical.

Recommended: Gerber Unisex Short Sleeve Onesies

5. Baby Tub

Baby bathtubs are like the baby spa. They’re snug, safe, and make bath time a breeze. Perfect for their tiny bodies and a worry-free experience for both baby and you.

Recommended: Angelcare Baby Bath Support

6. Baby Monitor

Think of a baby monitor as your extra set of eyes and ears. It lets you tackle chores or grab some “me time” while keeping tabs on your little nugget.

Recommended: HelloBaby Monitor

7. Stroller and Car Seat

Finding the right stroller and car seat combo is like finding the perfect pair of jeans—it makes all the difference when you’re on the move. Stroller systems that switch from car seats to strollers are super helpful!

Recommended: Doona Infant Car Seat to Stroller

8. Cozy Blankets 

Every baby has their comfort thing, and cozy blankets are usually a winner. Now, let’s address the golden question: when can baby sleep with blanket? To prioritize safety, wait until your little one is at least 12 months old before introducing blankets into the crib.

Recommended: Luvable Friends Unisex Baby Cotton Flannel Receiving Blankets

9. Safety Tools

You don’t need to sprint to the store right away, but childproof locks are your future friends. They keep little explorers safe, and thankfully, they come in designs now that won’t clash with your decor!

Recommended: Skyla Homes Baby Locks

10. Changing Table

Because let’s be real, nobody wants to change a diaper on the living room floor. Whether it’s a standalone table or a dresser topper, having a dedicated changing area will save you from messy situations. Trust me, organization is your best friend when it comes to diaper duty.

Recommended: Delta Children Infant Changing Table

So there you have it, mama-to-be! A down-to-earth list of essentials to help you navigate those early days with ease. And don’t forget to stock up on coffee—you’re going to need it!

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