5 Affordable And Fun Family Night In Ideas You’ll Love

5 Affordable And Fun Family Night In Ideas You’ll Love

I don’t know about you guys, but there’s truly nothing like a cozy night in! Maybe it’s because I’ve been working from home and turned into an absolute homebody over the past 7 years, but there’s something special about a snug night in with the family. Especially considering how ridiculously high the cost of everything has become. I mean, a few months ago, I took my family of four bowling and spent over $200 – it’s just absurd. Quality time with my family is crucial, but not at that cost! However, there are plenty of ways to have fun indoors, in the comfort of your own home, with your family, and it can be just as enjoyable (if not more) while saving you some money! Here are 5 affordable things you can do at home with the kiddos and still have an awesome family fun night!

(Disclosure: This blog post is sponsored and may contain affiliate links.)

1. Games, Puzzles, and Legos

Calling all millennials! Remember the good old days before cellphones and video games existed? Back then, we entertained ourselves with games. Seriously, some of my favorite childhood memories involve gathering around the table with my sister and parents, playing classic board games. I’ve kept that tradition alive in my family! Game nights in our household are a blast, and it gets super competitive! Our favorites include Uno, Sorry, and Trouble.  We also enjoy puzzles and Legos. It’s a fantastic bonding time, and it’s heartwarming to see the final product come together in the end.

P.S., I’m always on the lookout to expand our game, puzzle, and Lego collection – Target and Amazon often have fantastic deals, which I share in my FREE Facebook group, Duchess of Deals, whenever I spot one! If you’d like to join the group you can check it out here!

2. Cooking Together

I know you’re probably imagining the mess this will make in the kitchen, but hear me out because it honestly can be the best time! Head to Pinterest or TikTok with the kiddos and pick out a kid friendly meal that doesn’t create too much of a mess. Go to the grocery store to grab the ingredients. Or if you’re like me, utilize grocery delivery through Instacart (if you decide to try it out, you can use my code AFLOYD1E748 when signing up to get $50 off your first order). Once you have everything you need, give everyone a task, turn on some tunes, and you’ll see how cooking a family meal together is a win-win for all involved. You get help with dinner and learn a new recipe. The kids have fun and learn some life skills. AND you all get to enjoy a delicious meal. Bon appétit!

3. Movie Night

Movie night is a regular tradition in our household. As a family of movie enthusiasts, we make it a point to watch a film together pretty much every weekend. Personally, I find joy in revisiting the classics that held a special place in my heart as a kid – The Parent Trap, Good Burger, The Sandlot, Harriet the Spy, and George of the Jungle are some recent favorites we’ve enjoyed. I think we’re going to watch Harry Potter next. Surprisingly, I’ve never seen any of the films, and with seven in total, it should keep us entertained for the next month or so. Plus, there are numerous platforms to find the Harry Potter movies so I don’t have to download a new streaming service.

Once the movie is selected, it’s time to set the scene. We gather some of our favorite snacks, and, of course, pop some popcorn. A couple of years ago, I snagged a popcorn maker off Facebook Marketplace (very similar to this one linked here). The kids love watching the popcorn being made through the glass doors; it adds a touch of nostalgia and gives our movie night a true theater-like atmosphere!

4. Play Indoor Sports

Indoor sports are a hidden gem, especially if you’re a fan of a little friendly competition! I absolutely adore indoor sports nights because, not only do they keep our bodies active, but they also tire out the kiddos (and me) in the most enjoyable way. We like to play indoor laser tag with this set I got from Target! But I’ve also seen this LED indoor soccer ball from Amazon that I’ve had my eye on!

If you don’t want to buy anything there are so many other fun games you can create with stuff around the house. I often turn to TikTok for inspiration, and recently, we’ve had a blast recreating this human hungry hippo game and this human made gigantic tic-tac-toe! The possibilities for indoor sports are endless and can be tailored to suit your preferences and available space!

5. Jumbo Coloring Poster

Who remember Debbie Lynn? A few years back, I gifted my daughter this jumbo mermaid coloring poster for Christmas and let me tell you, it was a hit! It became a month-long project filled with fun and creativity. The Debbie Lynn website has endless options and various themes, featuring animals, inspirational quotes, and more.

To get started on your own coloring adventure, you can easily grab some colored pencils, either from 5Below or these ones from Amazon. Not only is this activity an excellent family bonding experience, but it’s also incredibly therapeutic.

These are just a handful of ideas to get you thinking, but the truth is, there’s a ton you can do indoors for a fantastic, affordable family night! No need to stress about spending too much time, energy, or money on planning – keep it simple and fun. Get the family involved and take turns choosing the activity each week. You can even make a visual list to help the kiddos choose. Involve the whole crew by taking turns picking activities each week. You could even put together a visual list to make it easy for the kiddos to choose.

As the saying goes, “your child only gets one childhood to look back on.” So, make it memorable with easy, enjoyable family nights. Not only will you create lasting memories, but you’re also building traditions that might just become a part of your family’s story for generations to come!

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