3 Life Changing Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

3 Life Changing Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

I’m in love with podcasts. Literally, I listen to them pretty much every chance I can get. While I’m driving, when I’m cleaning, while I’m in the shower, when I’m cooking, while I’m working out. 9 times out of 10, if you see me with a pair of headphones in, I’m probably listening to a podcast. 

I’m obsessed. 

Podcasts are so inspiring, and I have learned SO MUCH from them. The ones I listen to tend to be more motivational and entrepreneur-focused, but there are tons of different genres like comedy, news & politics, health & fitness, religion, kids & family, etc. If you want to start listening to podcasts, I highly recommend experimenting with different kinds & over time, you will find the ones that interest you the most. I started listening to podcasts religiously a couple of years ago & have narrowed down my 3 absolute favorites. I listen to these at least once a week & each one always has me coming back for more.

The Rachel Hollis Podcast

I am a huge Rachel Hollis fan. I actually got to meet her in October 2019 & totally girl-fanned. Not because she’s some famous celebrity, but she honestly has changed my life and inspires me in more ways than one. This woman really has her shit together & has dedicated her life to helping other women get their shit together too. From motherhood, entrepreneurship, finances, self-worth, fitness & health. I truly feel like everyone can relate to her. She also uses her platform to give other entrepreneurs & leaders an opportunity to share their stories with her listeners. I’ve learned about so many amazing people from listening to her.

You can check out The Rachel Hollis Podcast on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. New episodes are released every Tuesday.

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Straight Up with Trent Shelton 

If you’re on social media you’re probably already familiar with Trent Shelton. Many of his videos have gone viral, specifically those around relationship advice. He is so passionate, & really has a way of putting things into perspective – even if it means being brutally honest. He is wise beyond his years & talks a lot about how to navigate your way through life. His podcasts are so powerful I even cried on episode #10 because it hit so close to home.

You can check out Straight Up with Trent Shelton on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. New episodes are released every Wednesday.

On Purpose with Jay Shetty 

I actually discovered Jay Shetty through one of Rachel Hollis’ podcast episodes. I was so intrigued after her interview with him that I immediately purchased his book, followed him on social media, and started tuning into his podcast. Let me tell you – it has been life-changing. He has interviewed some of the most successful, well-known celebrities (Oprah, Will Smith, Kobe Bryant, Alicia Keys, Khloe Kardashian, etc.) & I can genuinely say, each episode fills me up with so much wisdom & knowledge about living life on purpose. He covers many topics from childhood trauma, transforming your career, body shaming, healing heartbreak, manifestation, inspiring change, and so much more. If there’s one podcast I feel like EVERYONE can learn something from it is absolutely this one.

You can check out On Purpose with Jay Shetty on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. New episodes are released every Monday and Friday.


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