This is Grief: A Poem for Grieving Hearts

This is Grief: A Poem for Grieving Hearts

This is Grief: A Poem for Grieving Hearts

It’s been 3 months since my cousin, my first best friend, unexpectedly passed away. Needless to say, this has been the hardest 3 months of my life. Some days are darker than others. The poem that I’m going to share in this post was written on a pitch-black day. Outside of a couple of close friends and family, I originally had no intentions on sharing this. I wrote this for me. 

During my grieving process, I have found two things that have been critical in helping me heal:

  1. Writing out my feelings, while I’m feeling them. 
  2. Connecting with others who have experienced (or are currently experiencing) this same type of pain

I’ve decided to go against my initial decision to keep this poem to myself solely due to reason #2 – I’m not the only one hurting. If I can find comfort through the words of other grievers than surely there are people out there who will find comfort in mine. This poem is raw & deep. It’s not sugar-coated by any means. It doesn’t offer a solution – because I don’t have one, nor do I think there is one. Each line is meant to depict the raw truth behind the heartbreak of grief.

If you’re a griever – I hope that you find comfort in my words. You aren’t alone. This isn’t easy, I know.

If you know a griever – I hope this poem helps you understand the pain that your friend/family member is experiencing. This isn’t easy, I know.


6 thoughts on “This is Grief: A Poem for Grieving Hearts

  1. Loved. Thank you for sharing

  2. Perfectly explained. I lost my son July 7. Everyday is a different emotion and I have experienced all of the above. Over and over.
    Than you for sharing.

  3. Grief led me here. I lost the love of my life the first of February. It’s now almost mid-July and thru the tears, I can barely write…I am STILL a mess. Thank you for the raw truth and no sugar-coating…IT HURTS!!!! 🙏🏽

  4. Grief led me here also. I lost my best friend in June 2021 – just last month. She always loved me – even when I made the most stupid mistakes in life – my very precious and loving mother. She knew me BETTER than anyone on this earth ever will. Your poem helped me in this moment as I am to do a teaching on grief tomorrow. I admit to being a mess as I ride the rollercoaster of emotions. Yes, grief really does hurt.. Hurt, HURTS tremendously so.

  5. Love the poem! And I am so sorry that you lost someone who meant so much to you. The poem was very comforting to me and I thank you for that. It has been 9 years since my Dad passed away but there are days when I miss him so much! And then there is the month of March. I hate that month. My Dad was sick and in hospital for 3 weeks in March of 2013 and then he was gone!

    Memories do help true enough and I am thankful that I have been blessed with an excellent memory as I remember all the way back to 3-1/2 years old. That was when my mom was expecting my brother. And it was when our family became whole…one unit of togetherness! Until years later after I married and had two wonderful kids and then was blessed again with four grandchildren whom I adore!

    I guess I am just trying to say, life does eventually go on again. I make things foodwise that my Dad liked to feel closer to him. I have a few of his items that give me a small smile when I feel lost! I put an extra little something on his Christmas arrangement and keep them for my tree every Chistmas as they roll around, or in a cabinet or somewhere that I can see it. Christmas was his favourite holiday!

    I guess what I am trying to say is life does eventually go on…never the same but as much as it possibly can be and you will find ways that keep your loved one nearer to you, and at times that will give you a smile too! Take care!

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