Mom’s Day Out with Elite Excursions & Wine Tours

Mom’s Day Out with Elite Excursions & Wine Tours

It’s no secret that moms love wine. In fact, wine is absolutely necessary to survive the madness of motherhood.

The only thing better than enjoying a glass of wine, alone, after a long day of mothering is enjoying multiple glasses of wine, with your best friends, and absolutely no mothering at all! Which is why I was so excited for our Mom’s Day Out weekend trip hosted by Elite Excursions & Wine Tours in North Georgia.

Elite Excursions & Wine Tours is more than just your regular wine tour. From our booking with the owner, Lindsey Holt, down to the moment we stepped off the tour bus we truly had an ELITE experience (they live up to their name). The tour was a total of 6 hours where we visited some of THE BEST wineries in North Georgia with complimentary lunch and wine tastings included. Here’s what our day looked like…

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a complimentary tour for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*


At 11:00 am on the dot, our tour bus arrived to pick us up at the Helen Welcome Center.

We boarded the bus with a couple who was celebrating their 5-year wedding anniversary (once the 8th glass of wine hit I made them tell me their love story). The bus was clean, fun, and super spacious so we each had a row to ourselves. Our tour guide was Captain Fireball and he was hilariously entertaining and made sure we were well taken care of! From sharing the history of each winery we went to and getting us hyped by playing throwbacks like, Hot in Herre & Salt Shaker – he was definitely the life of the party.

Winery #1: Stonewall Creek Vineyards

Stonewall Creek Vineyards was our first (and personally my favorite) stop! Mama Boudreaux did our tasting and she was amazing! Not only did she pour heavy but she taught us how to properly pour, drink & taste wine. Who knew you there was another way besides chugging it out the bottle?!

We also ate our complimentary lunch here which was catered by Sheilah’s Village Market. I had the Bean Creek Turkey Sandwich and it was one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had. It was fresh and made to perfection!

Stonewall Creek Vineyards Wine Tasting at Stonewall Creek Vineyards Wine Tasting at Stonewall Creek Vineyards

Winery #2: Serenity Cellars

Our next stop was Serenity Cellars. This winery was beautiful inside and out! It had an intimate and cozy setting. We did some wine tastings inside and then went down to their grotto, where they host special events and live music. We got to meet the owner who was previously a music producer and worked with NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys!

Winery #3: CeNita Vineyard

This winery was breathtaking! Sergio was our sommelier and he was wonderful! He was very knowledgeable on the wines he served and answered all of our questions. This was also the first winery that served fresh herb bread with their tastings (the others served crackers). I really loved this location because of the scenery. They had the cutest lounge chairs and hammocks outside and even a firepit where you could sit and roast marshmallows! Wine & smores – YES PLEASEEE!

Winery #4: Kaya Vineyards

Kaya Vineyards was the largest and most popular winery we visited! They were extremely busy so it wasn’t as homey, but definitely still worth it! You can tell its been recently renovated because the design is more up to date than the others. There are a ton of windows throughout so you have an amazing view of the mountains no matter what part of winery you are in. Besides the view, my favorite part of this winery was the gift shop! They had so many cute things for people of all ages to enjoy!

Winery #5: The Cottage

The 4th winery was supposed to be our last stop, but since we had extra time Captain Fireball was nice enough to take us to a 5th winery! The tasting room was smaller, but the view was spectacular. The cottage sits on a hilltop and even looks down on a few houses. The live music and relaxed atmosphere made it the perfect place to end our tour!


After the last winery, our tour ended, and the bus took us back to the Helen Welcome Center. From there we checked into our hotel room at the Helendorf and later went to dinner at Bigg Daddy’s, which is actually owned by Lindsey Holt as well! The restaurant had live music, a variety of food items, and a perfect laid back vibe to our fun and well-deserved moms day out!

I am so glad my friends and I got to experience Elite Excursions for our moms getaway! If you’re in Atlanta or it’s surrounding areas I highly reccomend grabbing some of your girlfriends and booking this tour! It’s the perfect event for any celebration or if you’re just looking for something fun to do! We had such a fantastic time and it was nice to get away from our daily duties of motherhood and be a little irresponsible.

Be sure to check out their website for more information and follow them on Instagram for pictures and updates! And if you decide to book a tour make sure you tell them I sent you! Happy wine-ing!

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