4 Easy DIY Stocking Tutorials

4 Easy DIY Stocking Tutorials

As a little kid, I loved watching my Grandma create gorgeous items from small bundles of yarn. She always took such pride in hand sewing our stockings to hang up for Christmas every year and as our family grew, I loved all the various patterns she came up with to make for my cousins. Now as an adult and having my kids of my own, I still ask her at the age of 90 to create stockings for her great-grandchildren and she does impeccable work every time!

While my Grandmother got the sewing touch, I sadly didn’t so I appreciate the time, effort, and patience it takes to create such works of art. Especially as my own children grow and also appreciate the time it takes! I thought I’d share some fun ideas on how to create your own stockings. I saw a few on Pinterest that I think do a great job at explaining how to create an easy stocking for your own kids, friends, or yourself!

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Easy DIY Stocking Tutorial
Easy DIY Stocking Tutorial
Photo By Amy Smart at Diary of A Quilter

Amy shares a simple and fun way to create your own stockings in her tutorial on her blog! Her pictures make it seem not only exciting and colorful but a great way to learn and see how to make these timeless pieces. I also love how she marks everything with arrows in her photos for newbies like myself who may not be as comfortable sewing yet! This actually makes me feel like I do this myself! #Winning!

Knitting Stockings
How To Knit A Mini Christmas Stocking
Photo by Kristen at Studio Knit

If sewing isn’t your style, why not try knitting?! These adorable mini stockings from Studio Knits are so stinkin’ cute! I love that the pattern is pretty simplistic and if pictures aren’t your thing, they actually made a video! I also appreciate that they created a free download to help as well! A friend of mine, who adores knitting, loved creating these for her fellow co-workers! They even had a knitting party together to make a few for a local hospital!

Paw Stockings
Paw Stocking
Photo by Patty Young at ModKid

I don’t know about you, but we have a few little fur babies in our house that always need some extra attention, including around the holiday season! Why not create a homemade stocking for your furry best friends as well! I found this super cute tutorial on how to make a Paw Stocking for your cat, dog, rabbit or..reptile?! You can download the free pattern on the website and start creating your adorable paw stocking in minutes.

Fur And Flannel
Fur and Flannel Stocking
Photo by Steph at girl.Inspired

Of course, when I think of cold winter months I think of cozy, warm and all things flannel! This tutorial from gives me goosebumps at how gorgeous and pretty thee stockings are! I really love the step by step instructions to help you piece together your gorgeous flannel stockings and add a bit of personal touch with the fur at the top! I love how easy it is to just fold over and voila, it’s finished once your pattern is sewn together! This would make a perfect gift for your best friend who loves anything flannel and furry!

While there are so many great ideas out there to create stockings for your favorite people or pets in your life, for those like myself that don’t really know how to get started, what do you do? I always turn to Sewing Machine! They are a family run based online store that has everything you need for all your sewing questions and concerns! They have the best brands such as Brother Sewing machines to get you started. The best part is they offer classes for beginners all the way up to intermediate sewers throughout the week!

Sewing Machine also offers products like vinyl, hoop systems, embroidery, and threading! They are located in the Atlanta area and love serving their community. I can’t wait to take their T-Shirt Quilt course to get rid of so many t-shirts from my youth, college, and adult days as a great keepsake. Similar to stockings, these items are precious, permanent, and ones I want to keep for a long time.

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